Noteworthy Kids Program

Noteworthy Kids is a program that puts unused instruments into the hands of Charleston underprivileged kids that want to learn music. There are hundreds of instruments throughout the state that are rarely, if ever, used by their owners. Instruments want to be played! So instead of letting them sit and collect dust we have an alternative solution.

Here’s how it works:

Anyone that wants to donate an instrument to Noteworthy Kids can contact us via email at and we will come and pick it up. We will then find the right home for the instrument with a child who otherwise could not afford it. If that child wants lessons, we will try to find a local musician who can dedicate an hour of volunteer tutoring once a week.

To all families interested in applying their child in the program:

Email us at and we will send you an application. Our top priority is getting instruments to kids who really want to learn.

To all musicians interested in volunteering:

Email us at and we will contact you and send you an application.

NOTICE: We are completely volunteer based. We will review every application, but are limited by how many volunteers we have to support the program.