The Company Stores “So Good” features lead singer, Casey Litz’s soulful, sultry vocals, a funky horn section, and a gritty backbeat that embodies the excitement of finding a new love- Skope Magazine

Little Lights is an album that takes the listener on a contemplative, modern American journey- Dope Cause We Said

The Company Stores‘ Little Lights features the sultry sassitude of frontwoman Casey Litz against a fiery backdrop of musicality that begs for a festival-sized stage and a whole lot of sunshine. It’s punchy, it’s poignant, and it’s perfect- Mother Church Pew

The Company Stores link Appalachian folk influences with a progressive, electronic sound that isn’t afraid to break boundaries and genre lines; even delving into hip-hop and funk territory. They’re newest single “Love Me Again” channels classic blues cadences and blends them with a modern alt-rock ethos reminiscent of Grace Potter and Gary Clark Jr.-Beehive Candy

The Charleston-native band plays an amalgamation of different genres, reflected in the new single (Love Me Again) which explores the vastness of rock and all that is has to offer- Enter The Venture

“These guys can all play, and I love the way Casey sings!” says Don Dixon, long time music producer for bands such as R.E.M and Joe Cocker.

The Charleston Daily Mail

The band draws from a huge variety of musical influences. from jam bands, hip hop, funk, and folk music…and have become known for eclectic cover songs from a mandolin-heavy version of Dr. Dre’s gangsta rap classic “Still D.R.E” to “Pure Imagination” from the 1971 Gene Wilder film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Zack Harold- The Charleston Daily Mail